Professional Hair Removal at Home

Painless and Safe

Our wax reduces the pain of hair removal by 80% over traditional waxing methods by attaching only to the hair without sticking to your skin, leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Hair Removal in a Single Pass

Our wax removes unwanted hair of any length or thickness in a single pass.

Slow Hair Regrowth

Unlike conventional hair removal methods, our wax removes the hair at the root and guarantees slow regrowth after 4 to 6 weeks with finer, softer hair.

Saves Money and Time

Our Sweety Skyn Kit is 5x less expensive than a professional salon, offering professional-level results in less time.

More Than 50,000 Satisfied Women

Finally a quality wax that doesn't hurt! I have tried everything and I can say that this one is the best. My skin is soft for several days without any rodents! 

Abbey P.

My skin feels great since I've been using Sweety Skyn wax, my legs are soft for several weeks and my hair regrowth is much longer, it's revolutionary, believe me!

Casey H.

By far the best hair removal method I've tested. Being prone to skin problems I can tell you that it is not easy to find out how to remove hair without getting pimples or irritation. I will never buy another wax like this again!

Haley B.
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